“I have been to Deja Vu twice since they opened and have plans for a 3rd trip this weekend. I am so grateful they have been able to move into Mendon’s old place. That has been my go-to garden center since I moved here in 1986. That was the last year they had a drive thru haunted house there. On my first trip to Deja Vu since they opened, I was prepared to be disappointed because Mendon’s had such big shoes to fill. I am very happy to say, I was NOT disappointed! Lots of healthy, beautiful plants, fall vegetable starts, beautiful trees and shrubs and helpful staff. They still have lots of room for many more but this is a fabulous start and so much more than I could have hoped for. They are definitely doing the Mendon family proud!”  – Vicki B.

“My happy addiction to your beautiful plants started in Chico…  and now continues at your Paradise location!”

“I can’t wait for my yellow rose to bloom again next year!”

“The deer resistant plants you suggested pretty much survived my devouring 4-legged “frequent flyer friends!”

“Also can’t wait to see my dogwoods, & much more start blooming again next year! It was so nice to watch my feeders enjoying the blooms this year “