My name is Cindy Dawson

Owner of Déjà Vu – Gardens Galore Nursery.

Déjà Vu – Gardens Galore Nursery of Paradise, formerly, Déjà Vu Antiques & Garden, AKA, coined “The Vu”… “the most unique shopping experience on the ridge™” is by far the best plant and tree nursery destination spot in Paradise for all your landscaping needs!

We hear it repeatedly every day as new customers discover our business. We lost our beautiful location, due to the Camp Fire; however, we are coming back to the ridge stronger, bigger and better than before. We are resurrecting and rising from the ashes and are thrilled to be landing at 5424 Foster Road, in Paradise! We are blessed beyond measure.

My family lost 16 homes and 4 businesses to the fire, and we know we are not alone, as we all had many generations of family living and thriving on the ridge! We lived on the ridge and owned family businesses for 45 years and Paradise is our hometown. In an effort to restore our beautiful town, we will be offering a standing one-time discount on plants and shrubs for people affected by the fires that are looking to get their entire landscaping done. Contact me when you’re ready to plant your new yard and I’ll help you get situated.

“Together – we are replanting Paradise™!”